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For those who are interested in the regular trainings, please send an email to [email protected].

Please include the following information in the email:

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Taekwondo Regular Training

Course Poster

Ever wanted to practice Taekwondo to patch up as well as slim down? Here is your chance!

Taekwondo is a National Martial Art of Korea and it is very popular in Hong Kong. Not only will it strengthen your body but the sport can also improve the coordination of your limbs. "Tae" is "kicking", "Kwon" means and "punching" stands for "method"; all in all, they represent "the way to attack with feet and fists".

We sincerely invite you to join the Hong Kong University Taekwondo Club, where you could learn your way up from the basic kicks, punches and defense skills under the guidance of our two coaches. Don't hesitate any more, sign up now!

Course details:

Date:Every Tuesday and Thursday
Time:6:30 - 9:00pm (Please arrive 10 minutes before the session begins.)
Venue:Dancing Studio, Flora Ho Sports Centre (Tuesday)
Dancing studio, Flora Ho Sports Centre (Thursday)
Course fees:$300 / semester , you can try the first two lessons for free!
Grand Master:Woo Jong Pill (8th Dan Black Belt)
Coaches: Kwok Chi Kuen (5th Dan Black Belt), Lee Chi Ho (5th Dan Black Belt),
Chan Kwok Kee (5th Dan Black Belt), Emma Mak (5th Dan Black Belt), Chan Kit Chi (5th Dan Black Belt)
Quota:30 students
Oufit and Equipment:The club will prepare all required equipment. Newcomers can wear ordinary sports outfit.
Contents:Different punching and kicking techniques (e.g. snap kick, turning kick, side kick, back kick, hook kick and reverse kick). There will also be training on patterns and free sparring. Members are given the opportunity to combat during lessons and are encouraged to participate in various competitions. We hope to let players know how practical Taekwondo is as well as to prepare them for the annual Joint-University Taekwondo Competition.

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